Why should you go for safer bus driver training?

Always remember that as a professional bus driver you will be responsible for the safety of so many people along with yourself, the vehicle and other people sharing the road with you. In such circumstances it become mandatory to go for a safer bus driver training so there is no chance that you can jeopardise yourself or others due to a foolish mistake. Our goal is for you to practice secure driving when you are on job and we achieve that through our extensive bus driver training.

A short over view to what you will be learning

  • Main safe and secure driving tips and techniques.
  • Speed and risk management.
  • Hazard awareness.
  • Crash and accident control.
  • Safe following distance.
  • Parking and reversing.
  • Minor maintenance.

PCV bus driver training license categories

  • CAT D1
  • This license allows you to drive a mini bus that is no longer than 8 meters and has maximum 16 seats. You can also tow a trailer weighing up to 750 kg.

  • CAT D1+E
  • This license also allows you to driver a 16 seat minibus that is 8 meters long only with an exception of towing a trailer heavier than 750 kg but not heavier than the vehicle itself. The combined weight should be 12 tonnes.

  • CAT D
  • This license allows you to drive a bus or a coach with 16 seats and tow a trailer up to 750 kg.

  • CAT D+E
  • This is the most advanced bus license. It allows you to drive a bus with more than 16 seats and tow a trailer heavier than 750 kg.

Find out if you are eligible to enrol in bus driver training

We want more and more people to avail this bus driver training and that is why we have kept the enrolment requirements quite easy and in line with the government of the UK.

  • You need to be at least 18 years of age and in some cases 21.
  • You need to be physically and mentally fit.
  • You need to hold a valid driver’s license on you.

Funding option for you

Our bus driver training comes with a funding option just for our students. We are offering a 0% interest rate funding option for our students with which they can pay without having to waste their money on interest. Get in touch with us today.