Number one forklift training school

No matter which type of forklift training your job requires you to get, we are here to provide. You might be thinking why are we preferred forklift training school across the UK. It’s because our training is in line with the industry standards and we go on your pace to make you feel comfortable and valued. Our forklift training also has a 100% pass rate when you go for your assessment.

  • Group forklift training
  • We have a contract with so many companies who put their trust in us. We have always managed to provide them with the best possible forklift training. So bring your employees to us so we can polish them and turn them into instant profits for your company. Our group forklift training is a great way to learn while staying in the team.

  • Individual forklift training
  • If you are not so group oriented and need undivided attention, we are here to provide you individual forklift training. In this training our instructors can tailor make your lessons depending upon your prior knowledge of the subject. This helps and saves time so you can just jump to what is necessary for your job.

  • Refresher forklift training
  • All the companies require their forklift operators to undergo an annual refresher forklift training to make sure that their skills are in the right order. Due to numerous forklift accidents in the past years, this measure has helped in bringing the figures of these accidents down.

Types of forklifts we use

We are equipped with all kinds of forklifts but the most commonly used forklifts are reach truck and counterbalance forklift. All the warehouses and manufacturing industries use both of the above mentioned types of forklifts. Our students prefer taking the forklift training on both these kinds.

Are you looking for funding?

Really want to enrol in our forklift training but don’t have enough funds to do so? Don’t worry. We are offering a 0% interest rate funding option for our students. You can start with a deposit of as low as £50.

Career opportunities

As soon as you are done with the forklift training, you will be showered with amazing employment opportunities. Forklift operators earn up to £30,000 per annum and there is a huge potential of growth from this position which depends upon your hard work and skill.